Succession Sampler

Worldwide stars sing songs of Ernie Oldfield
erschienen 2009
succession 01. Wicked Wildcats: Jacky Joker
02. Tina Maria Johnsen: Many kind of kisses
03. Aage "Oagee" Nordheim: Pay me the way
04. Evy: Hold me tight
05. Stan Silver: Dreams of you
06. Anna Reif: My honey needs no money
07. Dean Wolf: My Guitar and me
08. Ivonne Malin: When a woman loves a man
09. Solitude: His belly´s full of beer
10. Wild Bunch: Pokerface and Babysmile
11. Alojz Vogel: Without your love
12. Kim West: I got what it takes
13. Cherie: Let me be your hero
14. Laco: This Award goes to you