Dean Wolf
... born in 1964 in Virgo, Dean Wolf has been living and working in Gelsenkirchen, a town in the center of Germany, in a region strongly influenced by coal mining. It is also referred to as the Ruhr coal basin. The third son of a train conductor and a housewife, he grew up as a working class boy who learned respect and love of music right from his early childhood. His father played opera and operetta records every Sunday and sang along, and the hits of the sixties were often heard.

Dean began his musical career with „Lucille“, his first vinyl single by Kenny Rogers. Since this was Dean's only record, listening to it over and over was the catalyst for his loving and living country music. Yet it took him several record player needles and side-trips to other music styles till he remembered good old country and folk music and taught himself - without regard for the loss (in his parents' opinion) - to play the guitar using a wooden object hardly worth being called an instrument.

Pretty soon his vocal talent became obvious, his voice taking him to his female listeners' hearts. "Annie's Song" and "Leaving On A Jetplane" just made them melt.

Dean gained his first experience as musician in a blues band at school, where once again he proved his vocal skills. In other band formations he tried out various styles of music.

Later, after a period when he had to concentrate on his profession, Dean and some others formed the band "Fisherman's Friends" playing Country Music and Bluegrass that was real fun. They created „attic country“ which became legendary in their region, with Dean as front man and bass player – unplugged and back to the roots.

In 1999 Dean came across an advertisement in a music store for the band “Black Jack“. He joined the band, soon becoming their front man. They took part in the 2003 Pullman City Award and finished fourth, which was an excellent result for a newcomer.
After some mates had left the band and new ones had joined it, “Black Jack“ was renamed as “The Black Jack Band“ and in 2006 recorded their first album called “Casino Casanova“.

In 2006, too, Dean gladly accepted the offer to sing in a gospel choir, since he always enjoys trying completely different styles of music. At the same time he also sang in some musicals.
In November 2007, Dean founded the band "Kick Down - The Rockin' Side of Country". With Dean as front man and bass player they really stepped on it - rocking country music.

In July 2008, Dean finally did it! He released his first solo CD Single "My Blue Angel" keeping the promise he had made to his fans that he would record this beautiful ballad for them.

In spring 2009, Dean presented his new solo program: “Dean Wolf sings Dwight Yoakam“ – in short “Dean sings Dwight“. Dwight Yoakam is one of Dean's great role models.
The program gives you lots of Honky Tonk, Hillbilly at its best, just enjoy it.
"Maybe it will be released on CD as well.“

March 2009: Premiere! The new program has proved successful! Let's see what else this year will bring about.

June 2009: “Kick Down - Country Music“ break up. A great time has come to an end. New challenges are lying ahead ...

... Dean .. a solo career

Doing a lot of smaller gigs and taking part in various contests Dean increases his popularity.

2010: The first song available for download only establishes itself in the German Country Market: "Heaven's Gate", a beautiful story in a new shape.

God willing, the first album will be released in early 2012.